Activities - Nightlife


This truly is an unforgettable experience and just the beginning of your vacation stay with Lifestyle! Celebrated as the best event in the north coast, the Welcome Party will be the highlight of your vacation.  Set under the vast night sky and shores of Cofresi Beach, the party with its dramatic setting, creative festivities and gourmet food provide the backdrop for the greatest night of your life.  Our chefs will delight your culinary senses with a host of 5 star creations which include various delectable choices such as grilled lobster, shrimp, steaks and many other wonderful international foods.  Our staff will serve you with a warm smile and gracious regard, while providing you with an international drink selection sure to please and add to the enjoyment of the evening.  Our talented performances will astound and inspire with a bevy of high-energy dancers, mind-boggling feats, and a selection of live music that will have you dancing the evening away under the starry expanse of the Caribbean sky. It is an experience that you won’t soon forget.  

How do you top the perfect evening?  For LHVR that’s simple. With an incredible fireworks extravaganza over the ocean that will light up the sky with a profusion of color, drama and well… boom!

See you there!


If one of the best parties ever isn’t enough for you, then it isn’t enough for us! So, mid-week, LHVR hosts a second event to provide another evening of entertainment and play. Hosted at Ocean World, the Bravissimo Show and Party starts when the sun sets on the coast with a buffet and live music followed by a Vegas-style show with a Latin twist. It is the highlight of the evening with 30 dancers, 120 breathtaking costumes and Caribbean rhythms that will leave you breathless!  

After the show, the full facilities of this 4-story complex are open for more play. Try your luck at the world-class casino featuring gaming tables, slot machines and more. Lounge at the Lighthouse on the top floor while the DJ jams and enjoy an unrestricted view of the bay and marina on one side and the mountain range on the other.


When the sun goes down, the resort lights up with lively nightly entertainment so you never have to leave! It’s time to bring it! Within walking distance, guests have two locations to dance the night away with pulse pounding music and electric lights guaranteed to get your body moving! VIBE and ICE... both nightclubs on property, bring individual style to the ageless hunt for nightlife with environments created to help you find your inner groove. This is a new kind of grind!


Looking for a show, a song and dance number and maybe a laugh or two? With two entertainment complexes on property, experiencing any number of diversions is not a problem. The Colosseum is a large outdoor stage with various stage performances, while Lights, Camera, Action theatre is a more intimate indoor facility, yet both are dedicated to your amusement.


Along with all of the daily excitement to be found within Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, special events are planned that include exclusive parties with tribute bands or special guest stars. Guests are up close and in the middle of the action.  From the pulsating music of special tribute bands like Hollywood U2, to dazzling fireworks and the finest of feasts, our special events are sure to leave you feeling like a teenager again.