Activities - Ocean World


Located within walking distance of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Resort, this magnificent facility includes an outstanding Adventure Park, elegant Marina and a Casino. Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy restaurants, bars, and theatre with live dance show, casino, disco-lounge and sports bar. Snorkel in the coral reef aquarium, learn about marine mammals, feed exotic birds, meet tigers, walk through a tropical rain forest, and observe dolphin shows, shark shows and tropical bird shows as well as the interactive encounters with dolphins, sea lions, sharks and stingrays.

Dolphin Swim - The ultimate experience. A 30 minute program hugging, kissing, feeding and swimming with 2 dolphins in deep water. The highlight of the swim is the dorsal pull by 2 dolphins.

Dolphin Encounter - This 30 minute program is ideal for non-swimmers and families with young children. Stand in waist deep water to interact up close and exchange hugs and kisses with these fantastic mammals.

Sea Lion Encounter - These very funny and playful animals are experts in making you laugh. Meet them up close, in our interaction pool, where you are provided with an opportunity to touch, feed, pet and play with these wonderful animals. Get a kiss, a hug and tons of memories to last forever.

Shark and Sting Ray Encounter - For those who say ‘only action is satisfaction or no risk no fun’, the Shark and Stingray encounter is most definitely for you. The Sharks and Stingrays have been trained to be safely fed and handled by humans. If you dare!

Bravissimo Show - Highlight of the evening. It is an international show with 30 dancers, 120 breathtaking costumes and Caribbean rhythms that will leave you breathless! Unlimited beer, rum, wine and soft drinks are included during the show and free access to the Lighthouse Lounge and Disco & Casino.